Last chance to order Russian Red!

DSCF1373All our varieties are now sold out, except for our Russian Red, which is one of our most dependable variety, with excellent flavour.  Our last shipments will go out October 1.

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Garlic sales are going well!

DSCF1418We started mailing our garlic orders today!

We plant our garlic around October 10th – 4 to 6 weeks before the hard freeze. So you still have lots of time to get your order in!

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Garlic for sale

DSCF1335_2We have 23 varieties of garlic for sale this year. We are selling it by the bulb (recommended if you want to use it to replant) or bulk (smaller bulbs – ideal for eating). Go to the “Order Garlic” tab for more details.

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Good crop…

DSCF1323Our garlic is curing slowly but surely and will be ready for sale on August 28. Some varieties are fabulous-looking – check out our Linda O’Lesky, a mild tasting garlic.

Be sure to get your order in. For more information, you can email us at or check out the “Order Garlic” tab.

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Our garlic harvest is over, and will soon be ready….



This weekend, we finished harvesting all our varieties of garlic –  35 in total. All this fresh garlic is now on the drying racks. It will stay for about 3 weeks, after which we will clean it and get it ready for sale.

For your orders, or more information, please send us an email!

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We have started harvesting!

Several of the garlic varieties we have in our field are now ready. Today we harvested our Purple Glaze, our Quebec Red and our Siberian. It is now going to hang in a nice warm and dry area of our barn to cure for about 3 weeks before we clean and package the bulbs.

DSCF1308We are now taking orders for our garlic. Send us an email for more information.

We are now out of scapes! Many thanks to our customers: Jardi-nation, Les Flavoureux- traiteur gourmet, Four Sisters, Café Cognac, Le Tartuffe and Café Le Bourg-Joie!


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The scapes are here!

We have harvested several kilograms of scapes. If you are in Ottawa-Gatineau region and would like to purchase some, please to the “Order garlic” tab. We are selling our scapes $10/kg and can deliver in central locations in Ottawa or Gatineau.

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Growing slow but sure!

Gary is patiently waiting for the scapes to form!

Gary is patiently waiting for the scapes to form!

Most of our garlic varieties are doing really well and we expect a very nice crop. We  can’t wait for the scapes to be ready – a first opportunity to eat tasty garlicky food (see our recipes section for scape recipes).

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Our garlic crop is up!

DSCF1262After a very long winter, our garlic is finally starting to show signs of life! All varieties are looking strong and healthy. The elephant garlic is the only type that has not yet sprouted…still waiting for warmer days! Our spring has been cool and wet, but our garlic beds are well drained so the plants are thriving.


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Spring is just around the corner

Spring is just around the corner

2014-03-08 060aSnow, snow and more snow!

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