Mayo Hill Garlic Farm

2014-03-08 020aWe are a small family farm. We have been growing vegetables organically for 20 years, and have started growing garlic commercially 7 years ago.

We are committed to chemical free  sustainable farming practices. We value our soil and water health, our family’s health and importantly our customers’ health.

2014-03-08 016aOur operation is completely organic but we are not certified. We grow around 20 varieties of garlic for seed and for eating. Come and visit…and see how we nourish our soil and grow our garlic. Develop an understanding of how your food is grown!



4 Responses to Mayo Hill Garlic Farm

  1. Carol Miller says:

    are you open on weekends?

  2. Brian Thompson says:

    Enjoyed your website. Do you mail garlic to Ontario and if so, when in 2018 do you do so? Do you sell jumbo garlic seed for planting as I am interested in a few varieties you have? If yes, please let me know when is the best time to order for garlic seed in 2018?

    • Dear Brian, Yes we do mail garlic anywhere in Canada. You can order anytime after we have updated our garlic varieties list. We usually mail orders for garlic seed in mid-September. If you are in the Ottawa region, you are welcome to come and visit us at the farm, or at the Westboro Farmers’ Market, on Richmond Rd, Ottawa (every Sunday starting in September until the market closes in late October)

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