Varieties for 2018


Georgian CrystalGeorgian Crystal – SOLD OUT
(Porcelain) – A large plump garlic with white wrappers (skin) usually 5 fat cloves. Mild yet richly flavoured. Can be eaten raw (in pesto or salsa) or roasted for a smooth buttery flavour. Stores well until spring.

DSCF1457_2Italian purple – SOLD OUT
(Rocambole) – Still within the mild group this is a good-sized garlic, rich in flavours with a gentle warm aftertaste.


Marino – SOLD OUT
(Rocambole) – A mild garlic with warmth, some sharpness. Can be eaten raw. Large-sized with purple stripes. 6 to 8 cloves.

Siberian ABOUT 20 LEFT
(Marbled Purple Stripe) – Mild (or medium hot). Siberian starts medium warm and then lingers with deep flavour. Large tan bulbs with 7 or 8 cloves. Hardy, one of our best producers for the last 6 years.

Khabar – SOLD OUT
(Marbled Purple Stripe) – A rich, mild garlic. Eaten raw, Khabar has some initial heat–then it mellows out nicely. Also good baked.

Portuguese – SOLD OUT
(Turban) – It gets up early and is harvested early. Portuguese starts with a slow gentle heat and a little sweetness. 7 cloves per bulb. Medium sized.

Linda O'LeskyLinda O’Lesky – SOLD OUT
(Marbled Purple Stripe) – Large, easy to grow. Good-looking garlic with 8 cloves. Very mild with a pleasant aftertaste.




Thermidrome – SOLD OUT
(Artichoke Soft Neck) – Garlic with pure white skin and a medium flavour. Easily stored and split for cooking.

French Rocambole – SOLD OUT
(Rocambole) – Buttery flavour, light brown colour. A large garlic with 8-10 easy to peel cloves. Winter hardy.

Ukrainian – SOLD OUT
(Rocambole) – A large robust garlic with a warm afterglow. Can be eaten raw in pesto or straight. Harvest early.



Spanish Roja – SOLD OUT
(Rocambole) – True garlic in all ways garlickiness, pungency, heat and bite. The depth of flavour is remarkable, with a deep earthy muskiness. Large bulbs, easy to peel with 8 brown cloves. Very winter hardy. Mildest of the Rocamboles.

LEningradLeningrad – SOLD OUT
(Porcelain) – A large, very easy to peel garlic with 4-6 large beige cloves. Very hardy. Well rounded. Great flavour, pungent, hot with a lasting bite.


Killarney Red – SOLD OUT
(Rocambole) – Hotter, stronger, spicier. Very strong with a long aftertaste. Large purple skinned with 8-9 easy peel cloves. Easy to grow.

Russian Red – SOLD OUT
(Marbled Purple Stripe) – Our most consistent and hardy producer. Wonderful flavour in all areas. Large with light purple wrappers and 6 or 7 large easy peel cloves.

Great Northern – SOLD OUT
(Porcelain) – From Al Picketts of Eureka Garlic in Prince Edward Island.


Yugoslavian – SOLD OUT
(Porcelain) – Strong up front flavour mellowing to a warm pleasant aftertaste. Large beige with purple splotches, bulbs with 6-10 dark brown easy to peel cloves. Overall spiciness and robust aroma (dragon’s breath!)

Fish Lake 3 – SOLD OUT
(Porcelain) – A hardy strain developed by Ted Maczka, “the Fish Lake Garlic Man”. Super sized white bulb and 5 cloves. Strong and full of flavour.

8 Responses to Varieties for 2018

  1. Trudie B says:

    Do you ship to California? (I’m kind of desperate at this point, so if answer is ‘no’ can you suggest a source in California? I really neeeeeed some French rocambole to plant, but culinary would work–i just decided I have to plant garlic this year and French Rocambole is the one i want!)

  2. Hi Trudie,

    Unfortunately we only ship in Canada . I hope you are able to find some before the end of planting season!


  3. Gordon H Brown says:

    Fishlake Like to order Two pounds

  4. Pauline says:

    Do you have seeds for sale

    • Hi Pauline, Yes we do but we do . If you want to order you can email us at We ship orders by Canada Post in September (in Canada only) or if you are in the Ottawa-Gatineau region you can pick your order up at the Westboro Farmers’ Market on Richmond Rd or at our farm in Mayo.

  5. Kenneth Zar says:

    I’m looking for fish lake bulbils would you have any or know where I could get some thanks Ken

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